Our bedroom is our paradise

We were looking for a way to achieve maximum relaxation in the shortest time possible. Even when awake, the body needs to feel that it can allow itself to take a deep rest. That’s something DUXIANA helps us with tremendously.

Veronika and Johnny Allister

I want to fall asleep feeling safe, calm and relaxed

When I go to sleep, my mind wants to feel like it’s in paradise. I get a lot of physical exercise and stress, so it’s essential for me to allow my nervous system to really recover during sleep and for my body to get back to its full strength. Sleeping on DUXIANA bears more fruit in a much shorter period of time.

At Naturbeds, they actually cared about how we slept

Johnny: We are very content with Naturbeds‘ customer-focused approach. From our first visit to the showroom they took great care of us. We received detailed professional answers to all our questions, and even got a chance to try the beds out. When the bed was being installed, all we were asked to do was to be at home at the agreed time. Naturbeds’ professionals came, moved the bed in and set it up perfectly.

DUXIANA has changed our view of sleep

Veronika: Beds have been a big experiment for me all my life. I tried sleeping on a futon, tatami and other types of beds, so I was very sceptical about DUXIANA at first. However, the difference was so significant for me that I knew we had finally found the answer.

Johnny: My personal experience with DUXIANA and understanding the philosophy behind why the beds are built the way they are and how they work has brought a whole new perspective on sleep into my life. For me personally, this line of beds was entirely unaffordable until I began to find out how easy it really was to get my hands on one. Simply put, it’s something worth investing in for the long run.