Premium materials, perfect craftsmanship, maximum comfort. A good day starts with a joyful awakening in a premium bed from Naturbeds.

The difference deep sleep makes is indescribable

Feedback from our customers

After a long time, I finally sleep all night.

I haven’t felt like this in years. It’s so amazing.

Marek M.

a happy sleeper

Getting a high-quality bed was definitely worth it.

I never believed that getting an expensive bed would make a difference, but then I tried Naturbeds. Now, there’s no turning back. I was also pleasantly surprised by the after-sales service.

Jan S.

a happy sleeper

Luxury sleep. Luxury services. That’s Naturbeds.

I have been sleeping on a Saffron bed for over two months and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Karel P.

a happy sleeper

Our bedroom is our paradise

We were looking for a way to achieve maximum relaxation in the shortest time possible. Even when awake, the body needs to feel that it can allow itself to take a deep rest. That’s something DUXIANA helps us with tremendously.

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Veronika and Johnny Allister

biohackers and happy sleepers

Sleeping in such a bed definitely changes your life a little.

You look forward to going to bed every day, and sleeping in it is absolutely incredible. You suddenly feel differently when you wake up, you feel absolutely great.

Martin K.

a happy sleeper

The bed is brilliant. We can’t get enough of it.

Since 6th December we have been sleeping on our new Saffron bed. We can’t get enough of it. Thank you for the great service, regarding both sales and installation. We will definitely be recommending you.

Lucie H.

a happy sleeper

The first sleep exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you for the perfect presentation, and of course the arrangement of transport and installation. The bed is gorgeous.

Eliška H.

a happy sleeper

We are so thrilled about the bed, we have never had a better one.

I’m really glad we went ahead and bought the bed. Our sleep is so great – deep, almost coma-like.

Peter F.

a happy sleeper

We don’t want to sleep anywhere else.

Everything is spot on – the height, the size and the materials. We are very happy with it, thank you.

the M. family

happy sleepers

We look forward to going to bed every day.

I was having trouble sleeping. I kept waking up and couldn’t sleep. My husband and I have tried several beds, changed countless mattresses, but nothing has ever worked. At the suggestion of my friends, I searched the internet for large, high and modern beds until I came across Saffron. Visiting the Naturbeds showroom with my husband was the best decision I could have made for my sleep.

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Jana O.

a happy sleeper

We sleep so well, it really makes a difference.

The bed is excellent, we are very content. I no longer notice my husband’s movements on the other side of the bed. Thank you for your willing and helpful attitude.

Renata H.

a happy sleeper

We would never have believed how well-rested my husband and I can be.

And we owe it all to our Saffron bed. We tried out all the options in the showroom and were amazed to receive the bed with accessories.

Jaroslav R.

a happy sleeper

What an amazing bed. I’ve been sleeping on it for 6 years and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It only has one drawback – I never want to get out of it.

Josef A.

a happy sleeper

Your beds are highly addictive.

Home office turned to bed office literally overnight.

Tomáš U.

a happy sleeper


Everyone deserves to wake up with a smile. The journey to a better night’s sleep starts in our showrooms, where we will help you choose the best bed for you, in which you will enjoy the feeling of ultimate relaxation and comfort every night.

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