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DUX luxury beds combine unique spring system technology with the highest quality materials. Experience deep sleep and wake up full of energy in beds made for generations.

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The Swedish brand DUXIANA aims to ensure better health through deeper sleep.

Finest craftsmanship

The DUXIANA brand is known for its use of high-quality materials, ergonomic research, and engineering, all of which it brings to every model it designs. The beds and mattresses are the result of the precise work of the best craftsmen right here in Europe.

Your unique centrepiece

Create something unique with us. Choose from a wide range of DUXIANA headboards in a variety of upholstery fabrics, leathers or combinations and make your bed a distinctive piece that will become the jewel of your bedroom. We will be happy to explain everything personally in our showrooms.

From the icon of quality sleep in Sweden to the whole world

Sweden’s 17th most valuable brand, DUX, has been owned and run by the Ljung family since its founding. Since 1987, it has been expanding under the name DUXIANA across Europe and the USA. You can currently find DUX beds in more than 110 DUXIANA stores worldwide.

Unique spring design made of Swedish steel

The base of every DUX luxury bed consists of a spring system that is unrivalled among bed manufacturers. It provides unparalleled support, flexibility and durability. One piece of specially rolled, high strength wire is used to make one bed. The final product consists of up to 4,180 interconnected springs, the combination of which provides support for the entire body and allows all of its parts to fully relax.



DUX exclusive beds incorporate the highest quality materials, tested by generations, to ensure a comfortable and deep sleep.

Shorter sleep every night, yet wake up full of energy

Sleep studies have shown that not only do people fall asleep faster on DUX luxury beds, but they also experience a nearly one-hour longer deep sleep phase, the only sleep phase that helps the immune system and muscles regenerate. This means you can sleep about an hour less on DUX beds each night and still wake up full of energy.

Adjustable lumbar spine support

DUX beds offer increased support in the lumbar spine area according to your needs, either permanently or temporarily, for example due to a sports injury or pregnancy.


More than 150 of the world’s top hotels recognise that the greatest luxury is a good night’s sleep.

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The difference deep sleep makes is indescribable

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