DUX 3003

The best-selling bed on the European market from the Swedish company DUXIANA

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The unique DUX 3003 luxury bed will make your dreams of a perfect night’s sleep come true and become an integral part of a joyful start to your day.

The most popular DUX bed

A perfect night’s sleep is the foundation of a joyful life. It is not an unattainable privilege, but something that everyone deserves. All you have to do is make that choice. You can experience the joy of waking up after a perfect night’s sleep on the DUX 3003 luxury bed. You will spend every night on the Xupport topper, which is important for proper rest and maximum relaxation.

The exclusive bed is exceptionally comfortable thanks to the perfect harmony of the spring system, which consists of 3,000 interconnected springs, and the Pascal interchangeable cassette system for optimal adaptation to your individual needs and requirements. Only a system this synchronised can ensure you will feel relaxed every morning and full of energy for the day ahead.

Up to 3,686 springs

Removable Xupport topper

PASCAL personal comfort zone system

Recommended leg height
12, 16, 20, 23 cm

Total bed height (without legs) 38 cm

Key features of the
DUX 3003

Deep sleep and greater performance

Shorter sleep every night, yet wake up full of energy

The Pascal system

Customisable system for adjusting personal comfort zones according to your height and weight

The DUX spring system

Unique integrated system of over
3,000 springs for unrivalled support, flexibility and durability

Feel the difference with DUX®

DUX luxury beds are the result of over 90 years of research and testing, which means the Swedish brand DUXIANA is able to provide its customers with deep sleep and greater performance. DUXIANA brings a unique feeling of relaxation and rest, which we highly recommend you experience for yourself. You can lie in DUX luxury beds all over the world in more than 150 of the world’s top hotels.

Feel the difference

Shorter sleep every night, yet wake up full of energy

Sleep studies have shown that not only do people fall asleep faster on DUX exclusive beds, but that they even experience a nearly one-hour longer deep sleep phase, the only sleep phase that helps the immune system and muscles regenerate. This means you can sleep about an hour less on DUX luxury beds each night and still wake up full of energy.

DUX luxury beds are designed to keep your spine straight and relieve back pain. At the same time, they distribute your weight evenly, which is great for proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Customisable Pascal® support system

What sets DUX exclusive beds apart from other products on the market is the patented Pascal system. The system is made up of interchangeable cassettes with different spring tensions so that the result matches your exact body shape and weight. The ability to change the settings at any time as requirements change is a great advantage.

Correct spinal position

The individual components of the DUXIANA functional sleep system are coordinated with each other to help you sleep in the right position. This is achieved by supporting the body across its full length, allowing the spine to rest in its natural position.

Unique Swedish steel spring design

The base of every DUX luxury bed consists of a spring system that is unrivalled among bed manufacturers. It provides unparalleled support, flexibility and durability. One piece of specially rolled, high strength wire is used to make one bed. The resulting product is made up of up to 4,180 interconnected springs, the combination of which provides support for the entire body and allows all of its parts to fully relax.

Replaceable Xupport topper

Each exclusive DUX bed is equipped with a Xupport topper. You will experience even more softness and comfort for the perfect night rest on the 6 cm thick replaceable latex pad with cotton cover. This is facilitated by the ability of DUX beds to better adapt to your body. In case of damage or signs of wear and tear, you do not need to replace the entire mattress, just the topper.

Top quality functional materials

DUX luxury beds are composed of the highest quality natural materials that have been tested over more than 90 years. Reinforced Swedish steel, slow-grown Swedish pine, a prime latex blend and the finest cotton are superbly combined for optimal thermoregulation,
perfect sleep and a joyful awakening.

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Main features

A continental bed

Double-spring bed responds better to body movements

Deep sleep and greater performance

Shorter sleep every night, yet wake up full of energy

The Pascal system

Customisable system for adjusting personal comfort zones according to your height and weight

The DUX spring system

Unique integrated system for unmatched support, flexibility
and durability

Spine in perfect alignment

Keeps your spine in the correct position while you sleep

Functional materials

Top quality natural materials proven through development and testing across generations

DUX Xupport topper

Even more softness and comfort for the perfect rest



years on the spring system


years on the Xupport topper


No. of springs

90 cm

200 cm


105 cm

200 cm


120 cm

200 cm


140 cm

200 cm


160 cm

200 cm


180 cm

200 cm


200 cm

200 cm


210 cm

200 cm


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